Our company values

Our company values embody our company’s most important characteristics and ideals. They form the basis of our corporate mentality and behavior and are deeply rooted within the attitude of our employees. At SSI SCHAEFER, actively live these values, which have been developed over the course of time and we treat them with the greatest of care. The result: Exceptionally trusting partnerships between SSI SCHAEFER and its customers. With a future full of many more success stories.


Many things change. The most important thing remains: our values.

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80 years after SSI SCHAEFER was founded as a sheet-metal goods manufacturer, we continue to stand by the motto of our founder, Fritz Schäfer, we “never leave the customer standing out in the rain”. Both then and now, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers. For us this means that we work with the greatest commitment and unshakable dedication to developing precisely tailored solutions for our customers.  With bespoke solutions we strive to optimally fulfill their needs, simplify their day work and significantly enhance the efficiency of their processes. In return, our customers have rewarded us with lasting, sustainable cooperation characterized by mutual trust.

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SSI SCHAEFER is one of the world’s largest full-range suppliers and component manufacturers for intralogistics. This fact alone significantly distinguishes the company from its competitors. Only a few share our ability to offer complete solutions from a single source. Systematic thinking is deeply rooted in SSI SCHAEFER’s history and has always been an important strength for the company. All of the components of our solutions are optimally compatible thanks to their modular and integrated design. This enables us to provide our customers with specifically designed solutions that are consistently adapted to their needs and market requirements while also being able to “grow” with their company.

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The Lager-Fix containers were a revolutionary innovation at the time. When they were launched in 1953, SSI SCHAEFER proved its ability to create solution-oriented innovations.

Since then, we have developed numerous other innovative and even award-winning products and solutions. We received the “Best of 2016” industry prize for the WEASEL® automated guided vehicle. This award recognizes especially advanced and highly beneficial industry solutions.


Every day, with almost 10,000 employees in over 70 locations including 10 production facilities and 4 specialized competence centers prove that SSI SCHAEFER is one of the most effective companies on the market. Our extensive portfolio of solutions, industry knowledge, technical expertise, innovative strength and global presence enable us to carry out large and complicated projects reliably, on schedule and within the budget. During the process, we make an essential contribution to our customers’ success.

Long-Term View - our company values

SSI SCHAEFER is a family-run company with a strategy that is long-term oriented and a history spanning more than 80 years. Our actions are always well considered with a view toward stable, continuous and sustainable growth. Our customers and partners also profit from this.

At SSI SCHAEFER, we focus on a long-term commitment to our customers. This does not end once a solution has been installed. We provide lasting support and assistance to our customers through preventive system maintenance, along withthe ability to expand and modify facilities in response to changing requirements. During this process, SSI SCHAEFER assumes responsibility and lays the foundation for long-term and sustainable working relationships with customers.

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SSI SCHAEFER is renowned for its rapid, flexible and professional response to customer inquiries. We rapidly find a practical solution to every problem whilst always considering the long-term effects. In everything we do the customer is our top priority.


At SSI SCHAEFER we manufacture all products, systems and complete solution, for our customers within our own company. This keeps us independent of suppliers and enables us to ensure that all of the components fulfill our demanding quality standards. At the same time, we are also capable of developing and implementing highly bespoke and customer-specific solutions. That is how we manufacture excellent products, develop excellent solutions and deliver excellent results for our customers. In other words: this is how we fulfill the standard of excellence that we and our customers have come to expect.


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