The Heinemann success story

How do you capture the fragrances of the world? With the variety of perfumes available at Heinemann duty free stores you can start exploring before you’ve even boarded the flight to your next destination.
The headquarters of family-owned fragrance provider is in Erlensee near Frankfurt and this is where Gebr. Heinemann operates a logistics center that is one of the most modern of its kind. Within the gigantic 32,000 m² space, the company processes more than one third of its total order volume. The 55,000 different duty free products that this facility stores cover the entire demand from Central and Southern Europe. To make this facility as effective as possible, an efficient and flexible logistics concept was required. Heinemann needed an intelligent system to help continue its mission to be the first choice in the duty free industry.


What specific services has SSI SCHAEFER provided for the goals of Gebr. Heinemann?

Gebr. Heinemann has over 300 Duty Free and Travel Value stores across 78 airports in 28 countries. The company also has licensed brand and concept shops, cruise liner stores and outlets at border crossings. To service such a wide variety of locations, Heinemann needed a state-of-the-art, automated warehouse that could provide a full service for timely delivery to duty free shops in Central and Southern Europe. Fast access to all items was essential to achieving the high availability standards that Heinemann strives for. Following the goods-to-person picking principle, the processes in the new distribution center are efficiently designed and transparently controlled.

A high-bay warehouse with a height of just 40 m, built in silo construction, stores thousands of items in 22,900 pallet spaces. This area serves as additional storage for a miniload system. High process efficiency is guaranteed with the ability to quickly access each storage location and sequence the outsourcing processes within the storage cube. At the connected, ergonomic picking stations, multi-order picking is carried out directly in the shipping boxes. This system can reach a throughput of 750 pallets per shift, which is supplemented by route-optimized shipping allocation.   

Gebr. Heinemann has always been a modern company, therefore it was understandable that they did not opt for a classic storage and retrieval system or a conventional shuttle solution. Instead, the family-owned company decided to move forward with the future-proof recommendation of SSI SCHAEFER using a solution which combines both previously mentioned system. This is our 3D-MATRIX  Solution®, which transforms the miniload system from a deposit into a sequencing buffer for shop-specific contract manufacturing. 64 Navette multi-level shuttles, integrated lift systems and ergonomic workstations ensure the maximum flexibility of a system which is, above all, at one with the future growth plans of Gebr. Heinemann. The solution is expandable on all levels, which once again shows how SSI SCHAEFER works in a mindset focused on powerful, future-proof, turnkey solutions.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation

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3D-MATRIX Solution®

With this patented solution, SSI SCHAEFER takes automated storage systems to a new level. The modular concept provides highly dynamic system solutions for storing and picking individual articles, cartons, layered trays and pallets.
3D-Matrix Solution


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Full-Service Warehouse for On-Time Deliveries to European Duty Free Shops

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